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Mental Health Workshops

Akilah Peters provides psychoeducational workshops to increase your understanding of mental health and provide you with the knowledge and skills to recognize issues, response appropriate and at times refer to a mental health professional for additional assistance.

Therapy Services Individual/Group

I specialize in treating adults with a variety of concerns that include managing personal stress, anxiety based disorders and social anxiety. I like to utilize the three C’s in my client centered approach to therapy.


The three c’s are calm, connection and communication.  Integrating the skills needed to learn how to create the calm in your relationships, maintain connections in your personal and professional life and communicate effectively in a way that honors your boundaries and activates your joy.


I offer services that allow you to align yourself in your purpose and gain understanding on what’s holding you back from being the best version of yourself. 


I provide guided meditation classes for schools, churches and organizations to infuse peace and nurture the connection that helps you win within.

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